AroniSmartLytics™ : Advanced Time Series Analysis and Forecasted Based on Machine Learning Methodologies

AroniSmart™ team disclosed that a major improvement of both AroniSmaLytics (AroniSmartIntelligence) ™  and AroniSmartInvest™ will soon be released. Both tools , built for Mac OS X®, will have modules leveraging the latest advances in Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, and Machine Learning. 

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AroniSmartLytics™: Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis with Emojis, Boosters, and Acronyms  Avalaible in AroniSmartLytics™ and AroniSmartInvest™

AroniSmartLytics™, is the most advanced analytical, statistical research, Bayesian research, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Text Analysis tool built for Mac OS. AroniSmartInvest ™ is the most advanced investment and research analysis tool that leverage advanced statistical, data mining and Text analysis methodologies.

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Advanced analytics AroniSmartLytics™

AroniSmartLytics™: Most Advanced Smart Analytics Tool for OS X

As AroniSmart™ tools gain popularity with analysts, researchers, and students coming from various backgrounds, some customers and users have requested to have an advanced, integrated, and user frendly smart analytics tool  to  address  analytical needs.

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AroniSmartLytics: Text Analytics

How to Buy or Explore AroniSmart Products and Solutions:

Get our Advanced Analytics products and Solutions on App Store®: Analytical Investment Research, Applied Statistics, Big Data and Text Analytics, Econometrics, Bayesian Models, and Research Statistics.


Our products are available and may be purchased from:

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AroniSoft Terms


Disclaimer and Terms for AroniSoft, AronInvest, AroniSmartInvest, AroniStat, AroniSmartStat, and AroniStrategicAnalytics

Opinions expressed in AroniSoft LLC  websites are based on our own research. Our opinions and positions may change subject to new information, research, new data, and

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